I am a free-lance writer formerly based in France and now in Florida.  I believe that the absurdity of life always comes crashing down on reality in different forms of punishment and reward.  “Look in the mirror” is my motto and you will discover what is right, but especially what is wrong.

R. Bonte List of Published and Unpublished Works (December, 2017)

Writing(latest works first)

  • “I will PREY for you, my love” by Richard Bonte, inspired by David G. Lee from a story by Samantha Goodrich (2020)
  • Full-length play: “Open House” (1995; 2017) 
  • Novel:  “Curmudgeonly Yours” (2017) – Fiction
  • Novel:  “Black on White” (with Hamilton Harcourt Fleming III) (2017) – Fiction
  • Edited “Forgotten Father” by Larry Simotes, Lulu (2015)
  • Novel:  “The Three Cousins” (with Hamilton Harcourt Fleming III) (2014) – Fiction
  • Novel: “The Sisters” (with Jayne Louise Cramforde) (2014) – Fiction
  • Short Novel:  “A Pact with the Devil” (with James Crew Allen) (2013) – Fiction
  • Novel: “The Baja Redemption” (with James Crew Allen) (2013) – Fiction
  • Short Novel:  “The Second Promised Land” (with James Crew Allen) (2013) – Fiction
  • Novel: “The Tennis Bubble” (2011) – Non-Fiction      
  • Novel: “Against Nature” (2010) – Fiction
  • Novel: “Terry’s Upside”;    (2010) – Fiction, based on a true story                                                                  
  • Various treatments, editing, translations (1986-present);                                   
  • Short Story: “The Closet”  (2009)                                 
  • Short Story: “The Choice” (2009)
  • Original Screenplay: “Waste” (later entitled “Against Nature”) (1995)
  • Speculative Screenplay: “The Lüneburg Variation” (1995)
  • One-act play: “A Meets B” ; 1986, 2007
  • Full-length play: “The File Man”; adapted to French and translated as: L’Homme-Dossier, 1987, 2004, 2017 
  • Original Screenplay: “Taken” (re-named “The Queens Mate”) (1992)
  • Short Play: Old Movies (1990)
  • Short Play: John Hall (1990)

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