Sample Paragraph


-by Richard Bonte


          He found himself in a long hallway with doors on either side stretching ahead for miles.  The hallway seemed to be lit only by light beams escaping from under these doors and yet there appeared a hazy white glow where these doors converged in the distance.  He began to walk quickly—not knowing exactly why—towards this greater light, all the while conscious of the doors filing past as he moved along.  Maybe he should try to open one of them and walk out of this tunnel?  But maybe the doors would be closed?  Shouldn’t he try and see, but which one should he try?  He was conscious of his hand stretching out to grab one of the passing doorknobs when he noticed that the luminosity of the source ahead had become more intense.  He forgot about the doorknobs and continued on towards this main light in the distance.  But what about the light beams from under these doors?  Especially since they appeared so large and inviting and were at an arm’s length away?

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