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Eclectically Yours

Books on totally different subjects…

Based on a True story, my fictional first novel is about a crooked cousin taking financial advantage of a family living in France. The American/French Lafleur family suddenly comes into 20,000 gift shares left by the founder of a midwest toy company. But Cousin Teresa is jealous that she was not left the shares. She orchestrates an option contract with the family. Will first-born son Rod be able to save his family from his greedy cousin?
The Critical Period BEFORE Covid! It is June of 2018, pre-Covid 19.
David Cheng is a brilliant twenty-two-year-old epidemiologist who has just graduated from Stanford University.
He is an expert on viruses.
A secret lab in Wuhan, China, hires him to find a vaccine
against a coronavirus.
Two secret service ladies on opposing sides are sent to sway young David on his journey towards the truth.

This was written 30 years ago and was first a screenplay, which I then converted to a book. Scenes from the first 30 pages were lifted and used in the film “Falling Down,” but I have no proof of this. “Against Nature” is a classic tale of obsession with a cause in modern-day Los Angeles.
Skeeter Thomas is an ex-cop turned eco-terrorist & vigilante. When he discovers the beautiful billboard image of top fashion model Daphne Dupont, he decides to radically change Los Angeles’ catastrophic traffic turmoil.
Who shot the beautiful twenty-three-year-old girl on this rich and peaceful tropical island?
Was it the billionaire hedge fund manager, or a local lawyer, the governor of the island, or the drug gang leader?
She was involved with them all.

A London cop, working for the Royal Cayman Police on the island, questions each of them as the story exposes sex obsession, financial fraud, and gang wars on the idyllic Caribbean island of Grand Cayman, which has often been described as one of the safest and wealthiest places in the world.
My only non-fiction book based on my daughter Alessandra Bonte’s tennis development between 1998 and 2009. Written first as a diary, this the story of a talented tennis player and that of the many sports families who make the annual trek from wherever in the world they stem from to the IMG (Nick Bollettieri) Tennis Academy in Bradenton, Florida.In brief, this is a very typical story for all you hopefuls out there—both players and their families—that offers a taste of what it takes, from all concerned, to try to shape a champion.
This supernatural novella, inspired by a Samantha Goodrich concept, is the story of “John and Mary”—Trainer John Dale and Tennis Legend Mary Harrington—whose idyllic love is almost destroyed when Planet Xavier comes back to life. By Richard Bonte and David G. Lee.

The Great James Masters Series

Book 1: A beautiful young socialite with a perfect life—whose only problem is which successful tycoon to marry—seduces a man who may destroy her future.
Book 4: They lead a perfect life in their summer place in the Hamptons until a certain neighbor moves in next door.
Book 2: What did all these dreamers have in common? 1919 Hollywood welcomed them all, and even devoured a few.
Book 3: In this third volume of the James Masters series set in 1923 New York, Masters is a bootlegger supplying illegal alcohol to tremendous demand.

The Curmudgeonly Series

The original, award-winning (FAPA 2018 silver prize for humor) ‘Curmudgeonly Yours’ about Labete the Curmudgeon and his problems with the modern world.
More curmudgeonly stories in “Curmudgeon on the Loose.” Language barriers, fake elections, phony sales pitches, and nasty people come to mind.

Curmudgeonly Stories

Individual stories taken from the two Curmudgeonly stories above and published separately at 99¢ each on Amazon’s Kindle.

‘The Family’ Series

A series of five books about three prominent families in England, Austria, and America from the 1890s until the mid-1940s.

Book 1 ‘The Sisters’ in the series ‘The Family.’ In nineteenth-century Europe, a wealthy Austrian banker, Heinrich Konsul, and his ambitious wife try to arrange marriages for their three teenage daughters to ‘suitable partners’ in Paris, London, and New York.
Every summer during the Edwardian era–from 1906-1914–the New York, London, and Berlin members of an international banking family meet at an English seaside resort. As children, the three cousins dream of becoming soldiers. In 1914, they get their opportunity when the Gilded Age ends with the horrors of trench warfare. The three cousins, now teenagers, get their wish but unfortunately, they are on opposing sides.
“BLACK ON WHITE” is the third volume in the series, ‘The Family.’ Set against a surging stock market in Roaring Twenties Los Angeles and New York, it is the frenzied but tenuous love story of Michael Green, the only surviving member of “The Three Cousins (Vol.2)” as a budding producer in his twenties–and Carla Signori, the very talented black and white Italian actress–on their way up the social ladder in turbulent Hollywood. Carla wants to grow old with the love of her life. Michael wants to be King of the Hill. Will their mixed-race relationship survive?
“All Black” is the fourth volume in the series, ‘The Family.’ Michael Green, the hero of “Black on White” in volume three, is now rich and should have everything he needs. But does he? Find out how Michael risks his life and that of those around him just to go after the illusive and the ethereal.
Book 5 is a short Pathfinder involving one of the members of “The Family.” Near the end of World War II, the Nazis offer a group of death camp prisoners an opportunity of freedom and wealth. The result will endanger the world most horrifically. A never before told story about a top-secret Nazi project.

The Second Promised Land (2 books)

‘The Moses Story’ is a short biblical pathfinder to the longer political thriller, ‘The Baja Redemption.’

When the two Ten Commandments Tablets suddenly show up in the Baja California desert, many questions arise. Didn’t they disappear in the Desert of Zion during the time of Moses? Very relevant today, ‘The Baja Redemption’ features top political science professor Julius Mentor and his French-Canadian graduate student Suzanne Lafarge involved in a life and death struggle to deliver these tablets to female president Wysteria Buck before Iran wages nuclear war on the West.

The Baja Redemption (2020) is a fast-paced road thriller that seeks a radical solution to the “One Promised Land, One Israel Theory.” Set against the current climate of nuclear war between the USA/Israel and Iran, two Academics attempt to transport Moses’ newly-discovered Ten Commandments Tablet from Baja California to the White House. 
Powerful forces within the three countries also want the Tablet. 
They don’t want a new Promised Land. 
They don’t even want Israel’s relocation. 
They want its destruction. 
The President of the United States and her secret protectors covertly align with the Academics against the “War” hawks.
Within a tight time frame, there is a deadly cross-country race to deliver the Tablet to the President. 
If the Academics succeed, they will have avoided nuclear war. If they don’t …
THE MOSES STORY: THE SECOND PROMISED LAND is the Biblical Pathfinder & backstory to the recently published, very successful BAJA REDEMPTION, also available on Amazon in both Kindle & paperback.

“This is a tale you have never heard before, but it is true, at least true as far as I know. I have been dead for over 3000 years.”
Thus begins the Tale of the Ten Commandments when a nine-year-old boy in a New York Public Library discovers an old book detailing a discovery: that of the Ten Commandments Tablet in the Baja California desert.
Rumors are flying that the Tablets have recently been excavated in the pristine Baja, California peninsula. With threats of impending nuclear war in Israel—allegedly the First Promised Land—perhaps the Second Promised Land of Baja looks to be a better bet.

Short Stories on Amazon for 99¢

Man’s search for meaning involves strong values, as well as guilt, religion, and the absurd. Don’t let anyone tell you differently.

SKELETONS IN THE CLOSET is the dramatic story of a good family man’s encounter with two “skeletons in his closet:” An ex-girlfriend and her son have come home to roost.
The Choice is the short tale of a man’s quest for significance when he finds himself alone in a long dark hallway illuminated principally by light escaping from underneath an endless series of doors.
A one-act play about a deadly game. Two foreigners risk everything and everybody for their cause.
The critical year BEFORE the eruption of COVID-19.
“Little China Girl” combines the prologue and first chapter of “The Wuhan Tentacles”* (“Sleepless in Wuhan”) by Allen&Bonte wherein David Cheng meets Xi Di Wan, the girl of his dreams. It is June of 2018, and David Cheng is a brilliant twenty-two-year-old epidemiologist who has just graduated from Stanford University. He is an expert on viruses. A secret lab in Wuhan, China hires him to find a vaccine. It is fighting a corona virus.
David is shocked to find out this is a big lie. He discovers the horrific real aims of this Chinese Lab.
Two secret service ladies on opposing sides are sent to sway young David on his journey towards the truth.
What is the horrific secret?
This fictional account is set against the real life Covid-19 pandemic. (*To read the whole book, see “The Wuhan Tentacles” above.)

Liberal friends invite a conservative man to dinner so they can make fun of him, but one of the friends has other plans.

“Smarter Than You” is a ten-minute, five-character play about two nasty elite couples who are so convinced of the “rightness” of their leftist politics that they conduct monthly dinner parties to make fun of a conservative person whom they choose at random and consider to be intellectually inferior. It takes elements from the French play and movie of the same name, “Le Dîner des Cons” or “The Dinner Party [of the idiots]” where certain elite couples invite an intellectually challenged person to dinner so they can make fun of him or her. In this play, however, (as in the French version) the “Conservative Dope” is not as dopey as these elites think and in this play specifically, there are some signs that one member of the two couples is becoming tired of their monthly “put-down” game.

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