Terry’s Upside


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TERRY’S UPSIDE (2003, 2018)

     A good family man is pushed to the edge when an evil cousin takes advantage of him.  


    When Rod Lafleur, an American teacher living in Paris with his wife and two children, is visited one day by Teresa Roberts, Rod doesn’t know what to think.  For one thing, he hardly knows Terry, having met her only once and talked to her a couple of times on the telephone.  For another, Terry has always ranted on about hair-brained schemes and pots of gold, about this or that one being greedy or not getting their fair share of the family pie: a privately-held, well-known plastic toy company in the Mid-West.

    But this time it’s different, and she’s coming all the way to Paris to talk to him!  Why?

    Sure, Rod and his extended family have inherited twenty thousand gift shares of the Allen Company. But they have no decision-making power, and the shares are worth nothing on the open market.  And what about dividends: trickle-down in the good times, zero in the bad? 

    Terry has a new spin and the Lafleurs are willing listeners until they find out that the option contract they sign is not what they thought it would be nor is Terry exactly who she claims to be. Suddenly, the Lafleurs are plunged into a world they’ve never experienced: of options and shares, stocks and bonds, and iron-clad contracts drawn up by well-paid lawyers and shysters. Will Rod be able to save his family from the clutches of the evil Terry and his own greedy sister-in-law?  Will Rod be able to save himself?

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