The Three Cousins

The Three Cousins (2014)

By Richard Bonte and Hamilton Harcourt Fleming III

FICTION: World War I Saga

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ASIN: 1520718381

“The Three Cousins” is the second installment in a family saga called ‘The Family’ co-written by Richard Bonte and Hamilton Harcourt Fleming III.  In the first book, ‘The Sisters,’ each sister begot a boy who came of age in World War I.

Every summer during the Edwardian era–from 1906-1914–the New York, London and Berlin members of an international banking family meet at an English seaside resort.  As children, the three cousins dream of becoming soldiers.  In 1914, they get their opportunity when the Gilded Age ends with the horrors of trench warfare.  The three cousins, now teenagers, get their wish but unfortunately they are on opposing sides.