Against Nature

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(“Against Nature” is both a WGA registered screenplay (©1995, 2006) and a novel (© 2009)).


In screenplay form as well, and previously written under the title, “Waste”, “Against Nature” is a classical, fast-paced story of obsession for a cause in modern-day Los Angeles.  Skeeter Thomas is an ex-cop turned eco-terrorist who, along with the help of a beautiful model, forces the clean-up of the Los Angeles transportation mess.

For years, Skeeter Thomas has had a love/hate relationship with cars–mostly hate.  When he loses his wife to smog-induced lung cancer as well as their only daughter in a car wreck, his hate turns to fury.  But what can he do about it?  Especially as he needs to act right away before human indifference smothers his rage!

Fortunately, there just happens to be a budding political movement going on to bring back the train and improve overall traffic conditions.  This is something Skeeter can go along with.  At least in its beginning stages.  After all, with time, Skeeter has always believed that cars would go the way of the dinosaur and mass transit would return in force.  Especially since the train replaced the horse and then the single-passenger car replaced the train.  But is this movement strong enough, when would it bear fruit and how far would people actually go to support it?

Suddenly, the idea comes to him: he has to be the one to get rid of all the cars in Los Angeles!  There’s really no other way!

He devises a fool-proof plan to do so but has to fight against powerful interests which pretend to go green when they really only want to make money, preferably through oil and rubber but also through alternative energies. And single driver-cars–electric-, alternate fuel-driven- or gas-driven–will only give one result: Gridlock Nightmare Everywhere!

Experience how–in our seemingly normal, harmless way–even we readers are ‘against nature’ and what Skeeter is going to do about it!

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