What do you write about?


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Anybody who dares call himself a writer is invariably asked the question, “What do you write about?”  My answer is “different things in different formats”.  On this website, there are extracts from ten-minute, one-act and two-act plays, screenplays, short stories, essays and novels.  I have touched on tennis, the absurd, obsession, eco-terrorism and insider trading.  I like to take real stories and “weird them up”.

In every encounter or story, I am not obsessed with what’s  said but what’s not said.  When someone says one thing in one way, it is often the case that she is saying something else.   If someone requests something and is provided with word noise as an answer, then that’s a way of withholding information or saying ‘no’.  What happens when you ask somebody to borrow his car and he responds with silence?  What do you do?

We have to look in the mirror.  Really look.  Especially that.

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to find out what’s behind the mirror between smoke and lies.

Find fictional and non-fictional books such as Terry’s Upside, Against Nature, The Tennis Bubble, Curmudgeonly Yours, The Three Cousins, The Sisters, A Pact with the Devil, The Second Promised Land, The Baja Redemption and Black and White on the right under novels.  Some are published through Lulu Press and all are available through Amazon or Amazon’s Kindle in paper or in electronic format  http://www.amazon.com/; http://www.lulu.com/.  Some also are available through http://www.barnesandnoble.com.  Here are some examples:

Terry’s Upside


Against Nature



The Tennis Bubble

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