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Logline:  A new breed conservative professor of Sociology tries to rent a one-room studio in the place of his birth only to be outbid by two women of mysterious origin.

Synopsis:  In the fictitious country of Pinkland, Leviathan Lee, 40, is a bizarre but conservative professor of Sociology.  When he decides to rent an apartment, he is outbid by Professors Dal, 35, and her mother, Rooty Rak, 66, two strange women from the equally fictitious country of Yakland.

There happens to be a housing shortage and both parties want the sole prized studio on the campus of PinkVille University in the dangerous sanctuary city of PinkVille.

Lee feels he deserves the studio because he is a PinkVille native, whereas the Raks feel they deserve it because they are part of the University-run, ‘Diversity’ affirmative action experiment.

The people taking their bids are boyfriend and girlfriend realtors, Jill Smith, 37, and Marshall Ranford, 44.  Both Jill and Marshall prefer Lee because he is a “Pink” native-like they are, but when Dal seduces Marshall, Marshall convinces Jill to take on the two Raks instead of Lee.

Angry about losing this one rental to ‘foreigners he hates,’ Lee finds out that Marshall is having an affair with Dal; he tells Jill (whom he also fancies for himself!)

Furious at Marshall for having betrayed her, Jill calls in Lee to plot the removal of the Raks from their studio.  However, they are unprepared for the surprise the Raks have prepared for them.


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