“Curmudgeonly Yours” Society Bytes Radio Introduction

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“Curmudgeonly Yours” Society Bytes Radio Introduction

Curmudgeonly Yours Column – Curmudgeonly Yours,  Richard Bonte’s anti-people diatribe in the modern day western world. Listen to this week’s featured podcast with Richard Bonte spouting off against advertising.   Last week’s podcast IN FRENCH featured Thomas Pépin Lehalleur, a regular contributor to “Curmudgeonly Yours” on Society Bytes Radio.  The week before, Richard Bonte read excerpts from “The Wuhan Plague”— by James Crew Allen and Richard Bonte—an entertaining story about the origins of Covid-19, and one epidemiologist’s fight against the powers that be in China from 2018-2019.  “The Wuhan Plague,” is a new novel (2020) set in Wuhan, China and is available in e- or print-form on Amazon’s Kindle by clicking on the following links:

E-VERSION “The Wuhan Plague


PRINT VERSION “The Wuhan Plague”


In previous podcasts, you can hear the totality of “The Second Promised Land” by Richard Bonte and James Crew Allen.  This short pathfinder is the fictitious account of how the Ten Commandments Tablet was discovered in the Baja California Desert and is the precursor to “The Baja Redemption,” also by Richard Bonte and James Crew Allen.  “The Baja Redemption” is about how the fictitious discovery of the Ten Commandments Tablet  almost leads to nuclear war in the modern era.    Also, if you click on “BLOG,” you can hear Sekou Bangoura’s interview with me IN ENGLISH on “Being a Tennis Parent.”  You might also want to check out “The Tennis Bubble,” my journal about being a tennis parent! Any of my books can be purchased under “Purchase Books Now” on this site. Little “pic-lits” of my books can be found here and feature “Terry’s Upside” this week. By scrolling and clicking on Podcasts, you can listen to any Society Bytes Radio podcast on “Curmudgeonly Yours.”  Interviews with host Richard Bonte.   The music is ‘La Polonaise’ by Wieniawski played by violinist, Max Bonte. The title Curmudgeonly Yours comes from Richard Bonte’s humorous book of the same name available on Amazon’s Kindle.  Don’t be shy, buy it!  In his oftentimes-multilingual show, host and author Richard Bonte interviews guests from different countries to get their take on ideas and problems facing the Western world.  Richard Bonte is a Bradenton resident and a native-born New Yorker. He has lived much of his life in Canada, California and Western Europe. He has worn many hats in his life including playwright, bi-coastal actor, teacher, writer, linguist, and phonetician. He has advanced degrees from Berkeley, UCLA, and the Sorbonne. Richard has written ten novels (including ‘Curmudgeonly Yours’ (2017), and been given the FAPA (Florida Authors and Publishers Association) 2018 Silver Award for Humor), as well as written several plays and screenplays.  For more information on the Internet radio show, “Curmudgeonly Yours,” go to www.societybytesradio.com.

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