Cast and Setting




A Play in Two Acts


Richard Bonte

Richard Bonte

C 2017

OPEN HOUSE – Cast of Characters

In order of appearance…

JILL: a WOMAN, aged 37

LEE: a MAN, aged 40

MRS. RAK: a WOMAN, aged 66

DAL RAK: a WOMAN, aged 35

MARSHALL: a MAN, aged 44


All of the action takes place inside and outside a studio for rent on the campus of PinkVille University in the city of PinkVille, a wealthy, modern and sprawling sanctuary city in the country of Pinkica—where they speak Pinklish– in the First World.


The Present

Act I

Scene 1: Week One. Early Sunday afternoon, walkway 1 and studio: Lee, Jill, Mrs. Rak and Dal
Scene 2: Late Sunday afternoon, D.L. real estate office:
Marshall, Jill, Dal
Scene 3: An hour later, True Love Nest Realty: Jill, Marshall
Scene 4: Week Two. Wednesday, Studio, Dal and Mrs. Rak
Scene 5: Wednesday, True Love Nest Realty: Jill and Lee
Scene 6: Thursday, the whole stage: Lee and Marshall
Scene 7: Week Three. Sunday afternoon. Dal, Mrs. Rak
Scene 8: Monday, PVU main stage lecture class: Lee, “Students On Soundtrack”
Scene 9: Thursday, True Love Nest Realty: Lee, Jill
Scene 10: Friday, PVU lecture class (main stage): Dal, Mrs. Rak, and “Students On Soundtrack”
Scene 11: Saturday, “Hoarder” studio, the whole stage, full cast

Act II

Scene 1: Week Four. Sunday, “Hoarder” studio apartment, Lee, Dal, Mrs. Rak
Scene 2: One hour later, “Hoarder” apartment: Dal, Mrs. Rak
Scene 3: 2 hours later, lecture class (at U.L. lectern):
Jill, Lee
Scene 4: Sunday night; Studio “Hoarder” apartment; 2 hours later. Dal, Marshall, Mrs. Rak
Scene 5: Monday, Open Stage: Full Cast
Scene 6: Week Five. Open Studio Apartment: Jill and Lee, News Soundtracks.



ak there
aklak blazing
al them
ay oh
chin ring Hell
daka pull out
en not
gota run explosive device
kumrin rock
I it’s
lak choice
Mi to
minyin put
mitak light
mowyak death
rak (n)wire, (v)screw
ro go
run bearings
runyan yourself
sinya send
taka ball
un if
xuurkahs porcupine wigs
xuu-yak cunt
ya between
yak-nak lock
Yakkah Pinko
Yarch Parch
yigh intelligent
yun-yun no
zak hard place

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