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November 29th, 2018

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Curmudgeonly Yours Column – This week’s interview is with Robert Spence.   By scrolling and clicking on the interviews below or on the link above, you can listen to any Society Bytes Radio podcast on “Curmudgeonly Yours.”  Interviews with host Richard Bonte.  The title comes from Richard Bonte’s humorous book of the same name, “Curmudgeonly Yours,” available on Amazon’s Kindle.  In his oftentimes-multilingual show, host and author Richard Bonte interviews guests from different countries to get their take on ideas and problems facing the Western world.  Richard Bonte is a Bradenton resident and a native-born New Yorker. He has lived much of his life in Canada, California and Western Europe. He has worn many hats in his life including playwright, bi-coastal actor, teacher, writer, linguist, and phonetician. He has advanced degrees from Berkeley, UCLA, and the Sorbonne. Richard has written ten novels (including ‘Curmudgeonly Yours’ (2017), been given the FAPA (Florida Authors and Publishers Association) 2018 Silver Award for Humor), as well as written several plays and screenplays.  For more information on “Curmudgeonly Yours”, go to www.societybytesradio.com.

“Curmudgeonly Yours” on Society Bytes Radio PODCASTS

October 10th, 2018

‘Curmudgeonly Yours’ Interviews Vietnam veteran and retired health administrator, Robert Spence

October 3rd, 2018

Robert Spence has spent most of his life as a health administrator but also as a Medic and Operating Room Technician during the height of the Vietnam War. In 1967, Robert was drafted into the US Army. For over a year during 1969-1970, Robert served his country in the 3rd Surgical Hospital in the Mekong Delta in Vietnam. When he returned from the war, he obtained his Bachelor’s Degree and a Master’s in Health Administration from the State University of New York at Stony Brook in 1974. He has worked as an OR Tech at St. John’s Hospital in Smithtown, New York as well as a Health Administrator in the Department of Corrections, a hospital administrator in the Clinton Correction Facility during the 1980s as well as a regional health administrator.

“Curmudgeonly Yours,” a show by Richard Bonte on Society Bytes Internet Radio

September 23rd, 2018

Host Richard Bonte at work on “Curmudgeonly Yours,” his show (named after his latest novel, “Curmudgeonly Yours”) on Society Bytes Radio, an Internet Radio station in Sarasota, Florida “providing music and commentary for the mind and soul.”  Richard has a weekly program interviewing top-notch guests from all walks of life and in English, French or Italian.  Airing during the first four weeks of October, the shows will be:

  1.  “Modern Life in the West (the UK),” with guest Stephen Harman, a poet (in English)
  2. “Modern Life in the West (France),” with guest Thomas Pépin L’Halleur, a PE Instructor (in French)
  3. “Modern Life in the West (France),” with guest Jean-Paul Brayer, a businessman and a former CEO (in French)
  4. “Modern Life in the West (Italy),” with guest Ettore Farinelli, an architect (in Italian)

In November, there will be two shows (in French) on Louis XVI’s accountant, lawyer, and counselor, Chrétien-Guillaume de Lamoignon de Malesherbes, with guest and author of historical French fiction, Luc Rentmeesters; one show with Robert Vodnoy, Music Director of the Chamber Orchestra of Sarasota and one show with Jo Morello, award-winning playwright and author of the new play with music, ‘Lil and Louis.’  All shows are half an hour long.

Against Nature

August 26th, 2018

In screenplay form as well, “Against Nature” is a classic, fast-paced story of obsession for a cause in modern-day Los Angeles. Skeeter Thomas is an ex-cop turned eco-terrorist who kidnaps the beautiful daughter of a wealthy car industrialist in order to force the clean-up of the Los Angeles transportation mess.

Way before today’s ecological revolution, Skeeter always had a love/hate relationship with cars–mostly hate.
However, when he loses his wife to car smog-induced lung cancer and then his young daughter to an automobile accident, his hate turns to fury. As a young widower and now childless, Skeeter decides to make Los Angeles traffic problems his own.

Read about one man’s attempt to turn the car into a modern-day dinosaur.

‘The Sisters’, by Richard Bonte and Jayne Louise Cramforde

August 14th, 2018
‘Sisters’ is the first book in the series ‘The Family’ starting with three sisters and their descendants in the 1890’s and spanning both world wars until the 1960’s. Historical fiction is at its best in the words of Richard Bonte and Jayne Louise Cramforde.
In nineteenth-century Europe, a wealthy Austrian banker, Heinrich Konsul, attempts to arrange marriages for his three teenage daughters to ‘suitable partners’ in Paris, London and New York.
Both demure and coldly beautiful, the three sisters are secretly wild and knowledgeable beyond their years. Unlike the Bennett’s a century earlier in Pride and Prejudice, Herr Konsul tries a particularly masculine approach to marrying off his three daughters: entice with beauty and money; enforce by threatening to withdraw said money and choose the pick of the crop at bargain basement prices. Little does he know that his daughters are way ahead of him and out to challenge the notion that ‘Father knows best.’
On lulu.com or on Amazon’s Kindle in e-book format. See also www.richardbonte.com.

Press Release from Florida Authors and Publishers on CURMUDGEONLY YOURS

August 6th, 2018



CONTACT:  Ken Johnson, Committee Chairman

Florida Authors and Publishers Association

President’s Book Awards Program

(850) 910-1897




Local Author Receives National Recognition


Lake Buena Vista, FL (8/6/2018) –The Annual 2018 Florida Authors and Publishers Association President’s Book Awards recognized Curmudgeonly Yours by Richard BONTE, in the category of Humor, as a silver medal winner.


Hosted by the Florida Authors and Publishers Association, this prestigious national award is open to books published between 2017 and 2018. The judges for this national competition are librarians, educators, and publishing professionals.


“The FAPA President’s Book Award exists to promote excellence in the publishing industry by recognizing talented contemporary authors who put both heart and soul into their work. FAPA is proud to be a champion of authors and publishers going the extra mile to produce books of excellence in every aspect,” said Jane R. Wood, Past President of FAPA.


CURMUDGEONLY YOURSis a work of humor fiction, published by Richard Bonte, which is the story of a middle-aged curmudgeon who feels that people are not all good and do not have equal rights despite all the clamoring to the contrary.  They’re mean, selfish, hypocritical, needy and racist; they smell and are generally unhelpful.  CURMUDGEONLY YOURS takes a dim view of human beings everywhere but it especially needles people and their habits in Italy, France, the Middle East and the USA.  Nevertheless, CURMUDGEONLY YOURS is a very funny book in a black sense. It is impossible to put down.


Medals were awarded at the annual FAPA President’s Book Awards Banquet held this year at the Hilton Orlando Buena Vista Palace in the Disney Springs TM Area of Lake Buena Vista, Florida.


“We are proud to announce this year’s winners who truly embody the excellence this award was created to celebrate. Their works are representative of the creative storytelling, bold concepts and innovative ideas which makes the President’s Book Awards so well respected by librarians and those in the publishing industry. This year was no exception as we had a record number of nominations!  We salute all of our winners for their fine work.” said FAPA’s President, Angelina Assanti.


The Florida Authors & Publishers Association is an organization for authors, publishers, illustrators, editors, printers, and other professionals involved in the publishing industry.  It focuses on providing the highest quality of information, resources, and professional development to members and others interested in the writing and publishing profession.


“Open House” on Google My Business ‘R Bonte Books & Audiobooks’

August 1st, 2018

Open House Drawing 1


Logline:  A new breed conservative professor of Sociology tries to rent a one-room studio in the place of his birth only to be outbid by two women of mysterious origin.

Synopsis:  In the fictitious country of Pinkica, Leviathan Lee, 40, is a bizarre but conservative professor of Sociology.  When he decides to rent an apartment, he is outbid by Professors Dal, 35, and her mother, Rooty Rak, 66, two strange women from the equally fictitious country of Yakland.

There happens to be a housing shortage and both parties want the sole prized studio on the campus of PinkVille University in the dangerous sanctuary city of PinkVille.

Lee feels he deserves the studio because he is a PinkVille native, whereas the Raks feel they deserve it because they are part of the University-run, ‘Diversity’ affirmative action experiment.

The people taking their bids are boyfriend and girlfriend realtors, Jill Smith, 37, and Marshall Ranford, 44.  Both Jill and Marshall prefer Lee because he is a “Pink” native-like they are, but when Dal seduces Marshall, Marshall convinces Jill to take on the two Raks instead of Lee.

Angry about losing this one rental to ‘foreigners he hates,’ Lee finds out that Marshall is having an affair with Dal; he tells Jill (whom he also fancies for himself!)

Furious at Marshall for having betrayed her, Jill calls in Lee to plot the removal of the Raks from their studio.  However, they are unprepared for the surprise the Raks have prepared for them.


Florida Authors and Publishers Association (FAPA) 2018 awards Writing Medal for ‘Curmudgeonly Yours’

July 6th, 2018

“Labete,” the protagonist of “Curmudgeonly Yours”

(Drawing by Francesca Gianoglio)

My novel “Curmudgeonly Yours” was just selected as a medalist in the 2018 Florida Authors and Publishers Association (FAPA) President’s Awards. It is the story of Labete, an aging, and grumpy old man.

This is from the back cover of the Amazon Kindle 2017 book: “People are not all good and do not have equal rights despite all the clamoring to the contrary. They’re mean, selfish, hypocritical, needy and racist; they smell and are generally unhelpful. CURMUDGEONLY YOURS takes a dim view of human beings everywhere but it especially needles people and their habits in Italy, France, the Middle East and the USA. Nevertheless, CURMUDGEONLY YOURS is a very funny book in a black sense. It is impossible to put down.”



May 21st, 2018


“SKELETONS IN THE CLOSET” is a thirty-one-page story (7139 words) of a good family man’s encounter with at least two “skeletons in his closet”:  an ex-girlfriend and her son have come home to roost.

‘Honorable Mentions’ for “The Baja Redemption” (2013) and “Curmudgeonly Yours”  (2017) in the 2018 San Francisco Book Festival!  See below.